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My Amazazazing Graffiti





Campus Graffiti


My first image was found in front of the main library entrance on Gregory drive.A face, torso and arms were drawn on one of the stone cylinder things (I have no idea what they are used for). I don’t feel as if there is a deep message trying to be sent to the viewer of this cylinder other than simple humor. Waiting for the bus can take awhile sometimes and the combination of cold weather could upset anyone. So perhaps the artist’s goal was to brighten the mood of the students waiting for the bus? If so, i had a good chuckle while waiting for the bus and in my opinion this was successful.


The second image was found in the mens bathroom within the armory. It was composed of just a smiley face and text. The message was plain and simple “Have a nice poop” and so I interpreted this as the artist was trying to relax the viewer. Given the location of the graffiti, the artist intended for it to be seen. As a result another unknown mastermind graffiti artist submitted a reply “Idk about that, mine was kinda shitty”. A clever pun was placed and the combination of the two texts actually did a better job of sending out the relaxing message.

Banksy’s Art Analysis

The first image we came across was of an English authority urinating on a brick wall. What we saw in this picture was a sense of authority as well as rebellion. Two things that would oppose each other rather than complement each other. It’s humorous that a man with power is doing something illegal, “an abuse of power” if anything it’s satirical of those who enforce rules break rules themselves. In addition, there is an apparent connection with illegal acts of public urination and the illegality of graffiti. guard_p

So this is a satire of how American consumerism occupies the minds of average Americans rather than pressing problems outside of the US. For example, when we first saw the image we immediately gave attention to Mickey and Ronald, large figures of American consumerism. We weren’t at all familiar with the implication of the little girl in the middle. This is just one way that his satire plays true. If anything he states here that average Americans are ignorant to the problems and history outside of the US.


The Fry-Soundtrack


The black background and yellow text color of The Fry seemed like it would be the perfect night club/restraunt. However, the font layout I picked out had a futuristic vibe to it so I figured electronic music and dubstep would be perfect on the playlist for this fictional club/restraunt. All the songs I chose and copied a link to are some hardcore dubstep songs. The Fry should attract quite the interesting audience. 😀

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